Tough Field Trips

I heard that the Sed-Strat field trip was canceled today due to rain. Hmm… I seem to remember a certain Wooster Geology course taking a field trip on a cold, snowy Saturday just a week ago.

Who's that out in the field on a cold, snowy Saturday in April? Petrology.

Yep. Hard Rock = Hard Core! Just saying.

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3 Responses to Tough Field Trips

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Oh it’s on, Dr. Pollock!

    And why did Micah go without a coat? I hope he’ll be more comfortable this summer in the desert.

  2. Micah Risacher says:

    I just have a thing for extreme temperatures.

  3. David Kime says:

    It’s a good thing rain never stopped Hutton from his field work in Scotland!

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