Science Day and Expanding Your Horizons

The Geology Department has been busy reaching out to the community lately. On Saturday, April 17, the College hosted its annual Science Day. GeoClub invited the community to dig for dinosaurs in a sand pit and witness an erupting volcano. See the story in the April 20 edition of the Wooster Daily Record (here’s a link if you happen to have a subscription).

After 4 years of a Wooster Geology education, senior Palmer Shonk ('10) demonstrates his ability to play in the sand.

Today, local middle school girls joined Geology faculty Meagen Pollock and Shelley Judge and several Geology majors to see if they could outrun a dinosaur. The girls measured the stride and size of dinosaur footprints to calculate the speed, then raced to see if they could beat it.

The situation: T-Rex chases Stegosaurus.

Ana helps one of the girls measure the size of the T-Rex footprint.

Melissa helps one of the girls measure the stegosaurus' stride.

Afterward, we played with rocks, minerals, and fossils. The girls got to choose one to take home.

Shelley Judge talks rocks with the Expanding Your Horizons Girls.

Polished stones and agates were today's momentos.

We even had time to demonstrate the use of a rock hammer.

And time to tell (bad) Geology jokes!

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2 Responses to Science Day and Expanding Your Horizons

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Excellent, Meagen and Shelley — and I see the Sed/Strat class was able to donate some staff!

  2. Jess Clemons says:

    I loved watching the rock hammer demo! It was like seeing a pinata being broken open. What a fun day to have 🙂

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