Two West Texas outcrops: which looks more inviting?

November 15th, 2009

texasoutcrop111409albanyoutcrop111409COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS–The upper one is the base of the Valera Formation on US Highway 84 (N31.88196°, W99.47115°) and the lower one is the lower Bead Mountain Formation on Route 6 near Albany; both are Permian and both have delicious microconchid fossils along with much else.  You can imagine which is the more pleasant to work on.

I have been very impressed with the Permian geology of this part of Texas.  The fossils and sedimentary rocks are very accessible and sufficiently mysterious to generate at least two paleontology and sedimentology projects, including future Independent Study work by Wooster students.  Sure there are fire ants, rattlesnakes, and very fast country road driving, but it wouldn’t be Texas without them!  (And the barbecue … all beef, dry-rubbed barbecue …)

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