2018 Expedition to Estonia

Bill Ausich (Academy Professor, Ohio State University) and I just finished an excellent research trip to Estonia. As is the custom on this blog, here are the relevant posts in chronological order:

July 27: Wooster and Ohio State paleontologists return to Estonia
July 29: First full day in Estonia for the intrepid paleontologists
July 30: Starting work in Estonia
July 31: Fieldwork in Estonia, with a bonus visit to Narva
August 1: Back to the paleontology lab in Tartu, Estonia
August 2: Starting work in the University of Tartu Natural History Museum
August 3: Back to work in the University of Tartu Geology Department
August 4: Saturday at the Estonian National Museum (plus a street festival)
August 5: Sunday at the University of Tartu Natural History Museum — this time as tourists
August 6: Last day in the University of Tartu Geology Department — and a great garden party
August 7: Last day at the Tartu Natural History Museum, and a visit to a grim museum
August 8: Wooster and Ohio State Paleontologists in Tallinn, Estonia

One of the gorgeous Estonian crinoids from the Silurian we studied. See posts for details!

About Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a Professor of Geology at The College of Wooster. He specializes in invertebrate paleontology, carbonate sedimentology, and stratigraphy. He also is an expert on pseudoscience, especially creationism.
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