Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: A sawfish rostral tooth from the Upper Cretaceous of Morocco

Onchopristis_numidus_052013_585More fossil fish teeth this week. This impressive, barbed tooth is from the ancient chondrichthyan sawfish Onchopristis numidus (Haug, 1905). It was found in the Tegana Formation (Cenomanian, Upper Cretaceous) near Kem Kem, Morocco (and is yet another contribution from our alumnus George Chambers).
Onchopristis_numidus_groupThese are all rostral teeth, meaning they are the sideways teeth on each side of the snout (rostrum) of the sawfish. They each have a barb for entangling prey. Like modern sawfish, O. numidus would have lived along the bottom and occasionally thrashed about, wounding smaller fish and crustaceans so that it could catch and eat them.

onchopristis_size_guideOnchopristis numidus was the largest sawfish known, making it a formidable predator.


Of course, seeing it against a human profile makes it more real!

Spinosaurus_OnchopristisDespite its size, O. pristis had a famous nemesis: the dinosaur Spinosaurus. Barbed teeth of the sawfish have been found embedded in the jaws of this beast. The above image is from the show Dinosaur Planet, as is this Youtube clip of the two struggling (with one clearly losing).

And yes, Spinosaurus is coming as a future Fossil of the Week!


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