First day of field work in Undirhlíðar Quarry

HAFNARFJORDUR, ICELAND: Guest Blogger: Lindsey Bowman

Today Travis, Dr. Pollock and I started our field work in Undirhlíðar Quarry. It was cold, windy and rainy- perfect for our new rain gear!

Geochemists at work

We started mapping the quarry walls in detail where Becky Alcorn ’11 left off, and made it along the East wall in about six hours. We observed some gorgeous pillow lavas, the most abundant formation in the quarry.

Pillow from the East wall

Undirhlíðar is much larger than I had originally imagined it (certainly a  grander scale than Estonian quarries). Here’s a great picture taken by Travis:

Undirhlíðar quarry wall under consideration by Dr. Pollock and Lindsey Bowman

To brighten up this post, I’d like to nod to the colorful and abundant flora of Iceland. Barren? I think not.

Nootka Lupin outside Undirhlithar

Wood crane's bill

The only fauna that we’ve seen besides seagulls are these unfortunate fish- species unknown.

Dried fish- yummy!

Finally, below is a video taken by Travis today to give you an idea of Undirhlíðar in 3D-

Tomorrow we head to Vatnsskarth to continue our field work!

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5 Responses to First day of field work in Undirhlíðar Quarry

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Gorgeous rocks and flowers. Now if we can just get Lindsey to take pictures of the bugs, our work is done.

  2. Nick Fedorchuk says:

    Whoa! Iceland looks gorgeous (a lot like the moon)…have fun you guys!

  3. Lindsey Bowman says:

    Luckily there are very few bugs in Iceland, even if there were, I’d probably scream and run away rather than take a picture. That’s the difference between you and me Dr. Wilson!

  4. Deedee says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing your fabulous experience!!

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