Let the Work Begin

Guest blogger: Becky Alcorn

Today was our first day of field work in Undirlithar quarry. Although a lot of the quarry has been filled in in the last year, we had a very successful day and found three dikes that can be used in my IS. We began mapping the south wall that will be the focus of my IS and collected several samples for future analysis when we return to Wooster. We’re even returning to the quarry later tonight to continue our work since the sun never sets and we never sleep.

The smallest of the three dikes I will be working with

A close up on some wonderful plagioclase (about 1cm) and olivine crystals in the same dike as above

Trying to see the "sparkly" vesicles in a sample

Breaking in my new rock hammer on my first sample

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3 Responses to Let the Work Begin

  1. jim kilburg says:

    Great blog and photos! It looks like you and Megan are really enjoying yourselves. Please give her my best regards. Also, a sample of the basalt with the olivine and plagioclase phenocrysts would be nice to see. Did you find any zeolite-filled vesicles? Have fun, work hard, and most importantly be safe.

  2. Mark Wilson says:

    Such a greenhorn hammer, Becky! You need to scratch it up well and wear off that label so it can get respect.

    Lovely crystals in that dike. I had no idea you could get crystals so large in that material. Is this rock then a kind of basalt porphyry?

    Glad you two are having so much fun — and flawless weather!

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