The Golden Circle Tour

Guest Blogger: Becky Alcorn

Today we took the Golden Circle tour in Iceland. I think I saw more amazing geologic sites on this one tour than I’ve ever seen before. Our tour began at Thingvellir in the rift valley where we hiked along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and spent a good deal of time trying to calculate the spreading rate. We then drove to Geysir where I saw my first geyser! (and enjoyed the wonderful smell of sulfur). I also got to enjoy my first taste of hamburger sauce at the visitor center there. Our tour ended with a stop at Gullfoss, an incredible waterfall with only a small rope in some places to prevent you from falling in (take your kids at your own risk, I guess).

A panoramic view of Thingvellir

Standing on the edge at Thingvellir

The original Geysir

Strokkur geyser at Geysir

The Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall)

As you can see you can get as close to the water at Gullfoss as you'd like

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Love the images, especially of the erupting geyser!

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