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Estonia Geology Research Team in Place (More or Less)

KOGUVA, MUHU ISLAND, ESTONIA–We are spending our first night together in a small model village (N58.59638°, E23.08559°) designed to show what farming life was like in 19th century Estonia. Our rooms have rough-hewn wooden walls, rope mouldings, and iron bedsteads. … Continue reading

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Pillows, Pillows, Everywhere

Today, we spent nearly all day mapping and sampling one pillow quarry. We found that the pillows are highly varied in size, shape, and orientation. Todd is interested in understanding the relationship between pillow morphology and the physical properties of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Leaving Svalbard

I’m now in Tallinn, Estonia, awaiting the arrival of Bill Ausich (OSU Professor), Rob McConnell, and Palmer Shonk (intrepid Wooster Senior Independent Study students). Our fieldwork will begin tomorrow once the team is assembled with our Estonian host, Olev Vinn … Continue reading

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