Estonia Geology Research Team in Place (More or Less)

June 30th, 2009

KOGUVA, MUHU ISLAND, ESTONIA–We are spending our first night together in a small model village (N58.59638°, E23.08559°) designed to show what farming life was like in 19th century Estonia. Our rooms have rough-hewn wooden walls, rope mouldings, and iron bedsteads. We’re a bit concerned that we will have to milk cows before breakfast. The weather is simply perfect.

In the photo below you see Bill Ausich (on the left), a paleontologist from The Ohio State University, Mark Wilson, Palmer Shonk, and Rob McConnell. You may see Rob in these clothes for awhile. In his epic journey here from Montana, his luggage has yet to arrive!


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  1. Kellyon 01 Jul 2009 at 9:09 am

    It is good everyone made it safely! I’ve enjoyed your posts so far this summer Dr. Wilson and I hope you have a great experience and many adventures in Estonia. I look forward to follow you on your journey through your blog. Take care!

  2. […] KURESSAARE, ESTONIA–Yesterday afternoon three Wooster geologists met in the Tallinn, Estonia, airport within an hour after flying from three different countries. (Thank you, travel agent Suzanne Easterling!) We rented a car and then drove through impressive rainstorms westwards to the coast where we boarded a ferry for the island of Saaremaa. By dinner time we had checked into a little hotel in the small city of Kuressaare. We are the third team of Wooster geologists to work in Estonia. The last one was two years ago — one of the first expeditions covered by this blog. […]

  3. […] friend Bill Ausich at Ohio State University will be pleased to here that there is much crinoid debris, as shown here […]

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