What are the chances?

July 12th, 2012

KÄINA, ESTONIA–Today the Wooster/OSU Estonia geology team had a day of sightseeing on Hiiumaa. (More on this later.) One of our stops was the Ristna Lighthouse on the Ristna Cape in the far northwest of the island. We walked out onto a gravel spit directly opposite the lighthouse (which you can see as a red tower in the distance above). On the far western end, jutting into the Baltic Sea, Alyssa Bancroft reached down between our feet and picked up this cobble:

How amazing is that? One of the best fossils of the trip. Sure this trilobite lacks important details like stratigraphy and original location, but the story of its finding makes it a treasure!

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  1. […] Ristna Lighhouse and one of the westernmost points on the island. (This is where Alyssa found her famous trilobite.) Richa and Jonah noted that large igneous boulders make excellent posing platforms at the edge of […]

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