Alaska Day 5 – Juneau

There are two legs to the project this summer. Lilly and Fred are headed back to the Wooster Tree Ring Lab with samples from Kake and Jacob and Jack have arrived. Jack, Jacob, Nick and I will now travel to Glacier Bay for 10 days of sampling ancient forests. As a warmup, the group hiked to Mendenhall Glacier. The glacier is rapidly retreating but we are still able to find solid ice to take the team photo.

The hike to the glacier is great and the day was perfect.

Mendenhall Glacier from the forefield.

Fred found some ancient stumps and logs likely dating back to about 2.5 ka, the forests continue to be unearthed with the ice recession.

The West Mendenhall Trail has a variety of streams and falls.

Across the glacial lake is Nugget Falls and part of the group poses next to this popular stop.

The group getting organized and enjoying the katabatic breeze.


After all it was the 4th of July.

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Stunning images. Glad to see Jacob and Jack have arrived safely. Hope your great weather continues. Such a great experience for everyone.

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