Cafe Hopping in Reykjavik

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – [Guest bloggers Travis and Lindsey] So we made it to Reykjavik at around 0930 GST. Myself and Lindsey had about maybe 30 minutes of sleep on the plane and were subsequently exhausted. After checking into our guesthouse and shopping for our meals we decided to head into Reykjavik, the capitol city of Iceland. As soon as we parked we headed straight for the nearest cafe to grab a strongly caffeinated beverage. So now we are moving down the main drag moving from cafe to cafe drinking latte after latte. It’s not working too well:

Long flight-no sleep!

Our “inn” is much more like a hostel and we were surprised when we saw the size of our room! It’s basically an octagonal auditorium with vaulted ceilings. We are lucky enough to have the giant space to ourselves; our hostess told us that usually there are many more guests. We will be practicing our I.S. presentations on our very own projector screen in our “guest room” of sorts. The setting of the inn is gorgeous, right near the small harbor in Hafnarfjordur and with some small basalt outcrops in the front yard to remind us of why we’re here.

Travis shows the scale of our giant auditorium/room!

Tomorrow, we start field work in the pillow quarries. Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to Cafe Hopping in Reykjavik

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Glad you three arrived safely! The next hurdle is trying to sleep when the night’s darkness is so short. We’re looking forward to seeing some basalt from you now!

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  3. Melissa Schultz says:

    Good luck team Wooster!

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