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Wooster Geology Alumni Gather at the 2010 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

DENVER, COLORADO — It has been a tradition for decades that Wooster Geology alumni, faculty and students meet one evening during the annual GSA conference. This year we had forty people come by; a good number of them are pictured … Continue reading

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Anomalocaris now not so scary

DENVER, COLORADO — I very much enjoyed a talk this afternoon by Whitey Hagadorn (a Wooster favorite since his Osgood lecture last year) entitled: “Putting Anomalocaris on a soft-food diet?” Even though Whitey says Anomalocaris “may still have been a … Continue reading

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Stromatolites, Basalt and Sharks: Wooster Geology Student Posters at GSA (Part 1)

DENVER, COLORADO — The first set of Wooster geology student posters have been successfully delivered at the Geological Society of America annual meeting. Three of our students did very well with their clear graphics, intelligent explanations, and winning smiles.  Elizabeth … Continue reading

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