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Adventures in Fillmore

FILLMORE, UTAH – [Guest bloggers Matt Peppers and Will Cary] As Dr. Wilson so kindly stated in his last blog post, the Utah group arrived safely at Salt Lake City International Airport on Saturday, June 2. After stopping briefly at … Continue reading

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Wooster Geologist on the Blue Ridge of Virginia

The summer field season has started for Wooster geologists. Greg Wiles is now in southern Alaska with his students doing dendrochronology and geomorphology. Meagen Pollock and Shelley Judge are running an integrated project in west-central Utah with their students doing … Continue reading

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Wooster’s Fossil of the Week: a very large clam (Upper Cretaceous of South Dakota, USA)

Our version above of the bivalve Inoceramus is actually rather small compared to how big it can get. The record holder is a specimen 187 centimeters in diameter (over six feet) in the Geological Museum of Copenhagen. This Wooster Inoceramus … Continue reading

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