Wooster Geologists in Denver! (Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America)

DENVER, COLORADO — The above image is the view from my hotel room looking west on an exquisitely beautiful day. You can’t beat this setting for a geological conference! All four Wooster Geology faculty and a record number of 11 Wooster students are here in Denver attending the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. We hope to post blog entries about this conference and our participation like we did last year. Wooster has a strong presence at GSA despite our small size. You can get a sense of it by searching for “Wooster” in the technical program.

When I registered for the meeting this afternoon at the GSA counter, it was our own Stephanie Jarvis (’11) in charge as a volunteer. As I was leaving the Convention Center I then ran into a happy group of other Wooster seniors: Andrew Retzler, Jesse Davenport, Elizabeth Deering, and Micah Risacher (all of whom you can find in this summer’s blog posts). This is going to be a fun and useful meeting!

The Convention Center in Denver where all the geological magic will happen. If you look closely on the far right you might make out a big blue bear pawing at the windows.

About Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a Professor of Geology at The College of Wooster. He specializes in invertebrate paleontology, carbonate sedimentology, and stratigraphy. He also is an expert on pseudoscience, especially creationism.
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