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Wooster’s first dinosaur! (Well … maybe.)

June 10th, 2010

Wooster's first dinosaur! (Well … maybe.)

MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL — This morning while collecting fossils in the Zihor Formation (Upper Cretaceous) we found the above bones and several other smaller fragments.  They are reptile bones as shown by their density and configuration.  The shape of the larger piece looks dinosaurian to me, but it may be wishful thinking.  We will turn them over to the Survey and park authorities, along with their exact location coordinates, so that maybe later a vertebrate paleontologist will examine them and explore the site further.  Dinosaurs are very rare in the Middle East so this could be a good story someday.  In any case, it was fun being vertebrate paleontologists for awhile!

UPDATE: Mosasaur bones, it turns out. Just as cool, I say.

Yes, we are finding plenty of fossil shark teeth in the Negev

June 10th, 2010

Andrew Retzler holds the teeth he found at one location in the Menuha Formation (Upper Cretaceous) during today's fieldwork.

Wooster Geologists in Egypt! (Briefly, and just a few inches over the border)

June 10th, 2010

Near HAR ARIF, SINAI PENINSULA, EGYPT — An unscheduled visit, it was.  This morning we needed to park our rental car at a border post so that we could all jam into a 4-wheel drive vehicle from the Geological Survey to travel some rough roads.  Approaching the base, our Israeli colleague noticed that someone had left the gate open to the border road which runs north.  We dashed through it so that we could look down into Sinai.  We drove until we found a hole in the border fence, leaped out and took photographs of the spectacular Wadi Arish below us, and then quickly drove back through the gate before anyone noticed.  No one did!

Wadi Arish. Good morning, Egypt!