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Wooster Geologist in New Zealand

Many of our students enjoy a semester or year abroad during their college time. Andrew Wayrynen ’17 is right now in New Zealand, one of the favorite destinations of Wooster geologists. He has generously shared some of his recent geological images with this blog. The striking section above is part of the “Pancake Rocks“, which […]

A very volcanic tour of New Zealand’s North Island

Our most distant Wooster Geologist this year, Andrew Collins, is now home from his semester abroad in New Zealand. He had many geological adventures, including that massive earthquake in Christchurch with its hundreds of aftershocks. Please visit his blog for the stories. Andrew’s last trip in New Zealand was to Tongariro National Park (a UNESCO […]

Visiting a subduction zone in New Zealand

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND–Wooster geology student Andrew Collins has once again visited a fascinating geological locality in New Zealand. He is certainly getting his semester’s worth of adventures, from earthquakes to glaciers. Please visit his blog and see additional photos and descriptions of his trips. This time Andrew came about as close to the trench of […]

A visit to glacier country in New Zealand

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND–Our Wooster Geologist in New Zealand, junior geology major Andrew Collins, is on an enforced break from his studies at the University of Canterbury. (The earthquake damage and the continuing aftershocks have given Andrew a new perspective on neotectonics.) Like any good geologist, he took the opportunity to see more of the land. […]

The New Zealand Earthquake: A Wooster Geologist Eyewitness Report

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND–Andrew Collins is a Wooster geology student studying abroad at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here is his account of Saturday morning’s earthquake: Just got another tremor as I sat here writing! Certainly is active! I don’t really know what to say! It was definitely an odd feeling being awoken […]

Wooster Geologist Experiences New Zealand Earthquake — Story Will Follow

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND–Wooster geology student Andrew Collins is studying abroad in Christchurch, New Zealand, this semester and was there during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake early Saturday morning. He is fine and I hope will be able to send us his story and some photographs later. We have two earlier posts from him about his New […]

Wooster geologist in New Zealand!

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND–And it’s not me! Wooster geology student Andrew Collins is in a study abroad program on the South Island of New Zealand.  He has promised to share with us his geological experiences now and then. Andrew recently traveled to a town called Springfield near Christchurch and visited some amazing Paleogene limestone exposures on […]

Columbia Bay’s Emerging Landscape

I had the distinct pleasure of working in Columbia Bay, Alaska for ten days along with researchers Drs. Tim Barrows from the University of Wollongong – Australia, Peter Almond of Lincoln University, New Zealand, and Wooster’s own, Nick Wiesenberg. Tim with the retreating West Branch glaciers in the background. Peter with the spectacular backdrop of […]

A Wooster Geologist on the Somme Battlefield

Amiens, France — I had two days between the bryozoan meeting in Vienna and the fieldwork in southwestern France, so I decided to visit the World War I battlefields in the Somme Valley of northern France. It was a somber experience of natural beauty, stark and effective memorial architecture, and one of the deepest historical […]

Wooster’s Fossils of the Week: A trilobite hypostome with an encrusting cyclostome bryozoan (Upper Ordovician of Kentucky)

A quick post this week. Above is a bit of a large isotelid trilobite my students and I found this past spring break on an expedition to the Upper Ordovician (Katian) of northern Kentucky. It was collected at a roadside outcrop of the Corryville Formation (Location C/W-740). It doesn’t look like the usual trilobite bit because […]

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