An IS Meeting in the Phoenix Airport

October 21st, 2012

Phoenix, Arizona – The Wooster geologists hit a little snafu on their return trip from Arizona. Fortunately, they’ve been rebooked on a red-eye and have 12+ hours to spend in the airport. Instead of relaxing with a coffee or shopping for matching Phoenix shirts, these Wooster geologists have decided to hold a marathon IS meeting (lucky Whitney).

20121021-154035.jpg It’s actually the opportune time to debrief after an intense 3-day conference and field trip. Our conversations with physical volcanologists and experts in southwest volcanism have helped us interpret some of the curious structures that we observed in the field. We’re incorporating our new knowledge in Whitney’s GSA poster, which we planned out today.

20121021-154352.jpg This is just a sneak preview. Don’t forget to stop by her poster on Tuesday to see the final version and to learn about the emplacement of Miter lava flows.

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