A New Way to do Stratigraphy / Paleontology

July 12th, 2010

Elizabeth is completely fixated with stromatolites, and the obsession became even stronger today when we found ~200 feet of stromatolites within the massive Quarry Bed at Temple Hill. As Elizabeth and I oohed and awed over each stromatolite on the bedding plane at the top of the Quarry Bed, Jesse began leaping and bounding over quarry rubble, looking for additional “outcrops”.

We decided to forgo “conventional” stratigraphy and paleontology for a short while, and most anything in the quarry became our outcrop.

Elizabeth is working on one of our fabulous outcrops. As you can see, the stratigraphy is shown perfectly.

This blog would not be complete without some pictures of our “finds”. The top photo below is an example of one of our stromatolites in cross-section, while the bottom photo is a collection of …???…

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