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Knowing how to pick your field day

April 27th, 2010

Compare these happy and warm Sed/Strat students to the freezing Petrology group in the previous post. It is all a matter of choosing the right part of April for fieldwork in Ohio. Comes with experience, I suppose.

Andrew Collins, Nick Fedorchuk and Travis Louvain measuring a section of the Logan Formation (Mississippian) in the Miller Lakes area of Wooster. The striped sticks are low-budget Jacob Staffs divided into tenths of meters.

Houston Hoskins, Megan Innis and Sarah Appleton also measuring and describing the Logan Formation at Miller Lakes. This is a class exercise to learn how to construct a simple stratigraphic column.

Sarah Appleton reaching high as she describes a portion of the Logan Formation with interbedded very fine sandstones and quartz-pebble conglomerates. These beds were deposited in the proximal portion of a deltaic complex with the conglomerates representing distributary channel sediments. Marine fossils such as crinoids, brachiopods and bivalves are found in both the sandstones and conglomerates.