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Fieldwork Audio Post

May 20th, 2009

Speaking of fieldwork, check out my audio podcast on a typical day of fieldwork in Iceland. I learned how to make this (and do a lot of other neat stuff) in the Instructional Technology Fellows Workshop.

Preparing for a Geological Expedition

May 18th, 2009

The challenge of preparing for a geological expedition is to be ready for anything and yet also be as mobile as possible. We will be measuring, collecting, mapping, drilling, digging, and photographing, all while making certain the team is well fed, watered and safe. Yet all our equipment has to be packaging in a way that enables us to move quickly through an airport and quickly into a jeep or bus. Fortunately electronic gear has diminished in size and weight (and become way cool) as packs and bags have increased in strength and number of pockets.

Field gear for Summer 2009 trip to Israel

Field gear for the Summer 2009 trip to Israel

I leave on Wednesday for fieldwork in northern Israel with my colleague Amihai Sneh from the Geological Survey of Israel. With luck my next post will be from Jerusalem on Thursday or Friday. Meagen Pollock will be leading an expedition to Iceland later this summer; Greg Wiles is going to Alaska; Shelley Judge will be off to Utah. Soon we will all be posting blogs from these various places. Travel is one of the many joys of being a geologist.

A new blog from the faculty of the Geology Department at The College of Wooster

May 1st, 2009

Welcome! This is the first post of a departmental blog produced by the faculty in the Department of Geology at The College of Wooster. It is designed as a means by which we can communicate with ourselves and our students about research and other items of interest to geologists. We are especially interested in blogging from our various summer research locations, including brief descriptions of our work and that of our students. We also want to share our enthusiasm for geology with anyone who stops by this blog.

The geology faculty at Wooster who will be posting text, images and videos are: Shelley Judge (structural geologist and tectonicist), Meagen Pollock (mineralogist and petrologist), Greg Wiles (glacial geologist, geomorphologist, dendrochronologist), and Mark Wilson (paleontologist, stratigrapher and sedimentologist). Please visit our Department of Geology homepage for more information about our program and our many opportunities for students.
Students, staff and faculty of the Geology Department, The College of Wooster (2008-2009). Front Row: Megan Innis (’11), Ali Drushal (’09), Elyssa Belding (’09), Kelly Aughenbaugh (’10), Michael Krivicich (’09), Stephanie Jarvis (’11); Second Row: John Sime (’09), Jodi Sprajcar (’09), Bob Nowak (’09), Meggie Edwards (’09), Bill Thomas (’10), Jesse Davenport (’11); Third Row: LaShawna Weeks (’11), Meagen Pollock (faculty), Rob McConnell (’10), Rob Lydell (’10), Caitlin Fetters (’09), Travis Brown (’10); Fourth Row: Shelley Judge (faculty), Mark Wilson (faculty), Patrice Reeder (administrative coordinator), Greg Wiles (faculty), Heather Hunt (’09), Nick Fedorchuk (’12), Micah Risacher (’11); Not pictured : Philip Blecher (’10), Colin Mennett (’10), Adam Samale (’10), Palmer Shonk (’10), and Todd Spillman (’10).

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